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Emergency Dental Services in Sierra Vista, AZ

When you experience a dental injury or severe discomfort around a tooth, prompt attention is vital. Prolonging treatment for dental emergencies increases the chances of tooth loss or complications that may require more invasive procedures to correct.

Seeking treatment at the time of your emergency will shorten the duration of your condition and restore your smile. Affiliated Dental responds quickly to dental emergency calls from Sierra Vista, Benson, Bisbee, Douglas, Tombstone, Wilcox, and all surrounding areas.

If you are Experiencing a Dental Emergency, call Affiliated Dental Today!

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Types of Dental Emergencies

The urgency of your situation depends on the kind of dental emergency you have. Common conditions and their remedies are listed below:

Toothaches – When pain arises from a tooth, it usually means an infection has reached nerve endings inside the pulp. This infection can spread and threaten adjacent teeth and gums. By the time decay causes tooth pain, root canal therapy is typically required to save the tooth.

Injuries – Dental injuries can result in teeth becoming dislodged. Time is of the essence in these cases as any attempt at replantation must be made within an hour (or less) of the incident. If the tooth cannot be replanted, a dental implant and crown can be placed to restore function and aesthetics to the tooth.

A broken tooth can often be restored with a crown but may require root canal therapy. If this isn’t possible, extraction and placement of a dental implant would be the recommendation.

Broken or Lost Restorations – While losing or breaking a denture or fixed prosthetic is inconvenient and causes a loss of function, there is less urgency in these cases. Prompt attention is still required to guarantee the least invasive treatment will correct the issue, but waiting a day or two will not typically cause any more harm.

Receiving Emergency Dental Treatment at our Sierra Vista Office

Affiliated Dental provides comprehensive dental care and can help you if you should experience a dental emergency. Upon calling our office, Dr. Kuntsman is contacted and will respond to you quickly.

Call (520) 458-5611 – We take your dental emergency seriously!



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